MRC Year in Review 2021 - Square

Here at MRC, we had a power packed year. We worked on 17 branding projects (and dozens of side ones) for a total of 800 hours and 51 minutes—that’s 48,051 minutes, or 2,883,060 seconds—not to mention the thousands of cups of coffee and tons of bad jokes (and maybe the occasional nap)!

But more than anything, it was a year of growth— we grew a little closer, a little wiser and a little more adventurous.

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All for one and one for all.

This year, a lot of our projects were based around community—bringing people together over tasty food, strong drinks, nostalgic games and beautiful views. Rewind Retrobar is bringing the nostalgic bar life to Knightdale, The Willard is bringing one-of-a-kind views and cocktails to downtown Raleigh and Epic Food Co. is bringing healthy alternatives to Wilmington.

Projects based around Community

Where in 2020, we were all biting our nails waiting to see when the other shoe was going to drop, 2021 was a reflection of the creative resiliency of our city and beyond. I’m just excited to lend our hands to making next year even more exciting. It feels like we’re just getting started.

– Mike Rosado


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Smart design for intelligent minds.

In another year of uncertainty, education prevailed. We helped Spoonflower create an easier interface for their blog. Siebel Institute of Technology and Research Triangle High School refreshed their education brands for notable anniversaries. And Maddie and The Virus helped children to think about how to make life brighter in a pandemic.

Projects in the Education Realm

This year had everything. From branding a luxury rooftop lounge to a laid-back beach-side bar. From designing a 70s-inspired Love Machine van wrap to branding a nostalgia-inducing retrobar. From rebranding a 150-year-old educational institution to branding a state-of-the-art food hall. From designing a massive textile company’s blog to designing a massive line of flavored peanuts. Sometimes you never know what project will come across your desk, and that’s the best part about working with such creative people.

– Joey Carty



Helping those who help us

This year we had the privilege of working with some great partners. Spencer Bland of Bland Creative and Bop or Flop Pod had us do some funky brand refreshes. Max Trujillo and Kip Downer crafted Craften, a “not-your-average food hall,” and we got to create the branding from scratch. And our very own Mike Rosado kept creating with his podcast, The Pencil Pushers.

Projects with Creative Partners

Burny Wild’s

Who’s feelin’ the Burn?

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is our pandemic baby. Fully funded on Kickstarter in 2020 and fulfilled rewards this year! It’s been a wild ride to say the least. We are now in our second production of sauce, so make sure to check us out online.

Burny Wild's Adventure Sauce

Our Year In Review

Our 2021 timeline was packed with really awesome projects.
We can’t wait for what’s to come in 2022. Buckle up!

MRC 2021 Year in Review - Project Timeline

Stay Tuned

We have even more up our sleeves

A ton of what we worked on this year hasn’t even launched yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the crisp rebrand of one of the Triangle’s most prominent annual live music events, downtown’s newest hand-crafted ice cream parlor, fresh-cooked brewery branding, and so much more in 2022.

Happy New Year from…

MRC 2021 Year in Review - The Team

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