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Burny Wild's Adventure Sauce

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Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is an internal MRC project turned Kickstarter success! Packed full of flavor with the perfect amount of heat, Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is the newest must-have sauce for your kitchen. Toss, top or dip, Burny Wild’s is the perfect compliment for game night bites or stay-home date nights. Oh, and did we mention it’s vegan, gluten-free, has no preservatives and no stabilizers?

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We were tired of the same ol’ meals at home, so we set out to create a condiment heat sauce brand that was a celebration of three things we love: art, adventure and awesome food.

Dr. Bernard Elias Wild, we call him 'Burny', scours the earth far and wide in search of the perfect ingredients. We then partnered with our favorite chef to create the perfect heat sauce.

“I use Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce, not just for the heat, but for it’s flavor! It takes simple dishes to a higher level.”

- Max Trujillo

Burny Wild’s motto is “Live A Little.” What better way to express that than with bold, vibrant colors and photography to make you drool?

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With the goal of getting Burny Wild’s on to everyone’s plate, we created a website that shares the Burny Journey. We also succeeded in a Kickstarter campaign that has put this sauce into production!

Burny Wild’s social media started from the ground up and in the first 2 months, our Instagram following grew rapidly by 500+ followers.

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is not only flavor-packed, it’s also vegan, gluten free, has no preservative and no stabilizers. Burny doesn’t tolerate the unnecessary and neither should you.

“Dip, drizzle, slather. I prefer the third, but it’s all delicious.”

- Hudson Haines

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is now in production, but it doesn’t stop here. With a brand like this the possibilities are endless: shirts, stickers... another sauce?! So, buckle up, sit back and enjoy the Burny Journey.

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