The B word. What exactly is the B word? It has such a mysterious aura about it. Am I a B word? Is my look my B word? Is the way I talk my B word? Is the way people think of me my B word? Yes. Yes. Yes and yes. Brand is the B word. The following are a handful of golden nuggets from brand gurus, OMFGCO, that demystify the B word. Enjoy!


A strong brand isn’t something that is created after a company makes a bunch of great decisions and gets big and becomes great at what it does — a strong brand begins with the end in mind.


We have met plenty of folks who think a brand is merely a decoration or a distraction technique. The opposite is true: your brand is the very essence of what you offer.


Customers aren’t buying your product or service at face value, they are buying the feeling that they get from your product or service and how much they align with it.


A brand encompasses much more than it may seem. It may sound far too simple or far too complex, but your brand is you.


Everyone now has (or can easily form) an opinion about your brand, so you should sure as hell be the leading voice in that discussion.


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