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Laser Image logo overlaid a stack of colorful paper

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Laser Image

A locally-owned print shop founded in 1987 in Durham, NC, Laser Image is where small business values meet solution-driven technology to tell the stories of their customers. As a creative partner of MRC for years, we couldn't have been more excited when they came to us asking for help rejuvenating their brand.

Through our discovery process, it became clear that there was a disconnect between the image they put out into the world and their passionate, creative and caring team. Their old identity was limiting, uninspiring and no longer reflected who they'd become since it was designed 30+ years ago.

Our goal was to create a brand that was as casual and friendly as the personalities of the Laser Image team while also exuding trust, precision and craftsmanship. To combine these ideas, we leaned into the heritage brands of yesteryear, creating a custom, hand-lettered script type that emphasizes the craft, care and precision of Laser Image.

For the LI monogram, we were inspired by the carefully crafted logomarks of years past, marks that reinforce feelings of quality, experience, care and trust. The simplicity of the nestled letterforms create a confident, timeless mark and the curve of the L brings a touch of playfulness.

Full stacked logo for Laser Image on yellow background with paper textures
Printed in North Carolina with the Laser Image monogram overlaid on a photo of paper trimmings
Laser Images tagline of Where Craft, Care, and Quality Make the Difference on a yellow background with paper textures
Laser Image's tagline You Image, We Print overlaid on a photo of an employee doing quality control
An overview of the spreads of the Laser Image style guide showing brand colors, brand fonts, messaging and more
Embossed Laser Image badge logo on three pieces of paper
An invoice folder with business card in Laser Images brand graphcis
Two envelope mailers branded with Laser Image graphics
Laser Image-branded packaging tape and stand-up retractable banners
A mockup of the Laser Image websites homepage on a mobile device
The Laser Image pencil graphic on its own and shown on a canvas tote bag
An assortment of branded Laser Image t-shirts
Three Richardson trucker hats with Laser Image patches
Laser Image delivery van wrapped in branded graphics with the tagline Quality Print Solutions in large text
Let's Work Together


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