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The inverse DHIC logo on a purple background with a photo of an apartment complex on the right, masked within a circle

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Since 1974, DHIC has served the Triangle region of North Carolina, providing homes and opportunities that promote the financial, physical, and mental well-being of people and communities. Coming up on their 50th year, it was time for DHIC to refresh their brand identity and establish a brand that paid tribute to the last 50 years, while paving the way for the next 50 years.

Creating an approachable, professional, and community-focused brand was important to DHIC. The logo needed to embody their values, embody their team's energy and passion, and most importantly resonate with the communities they serve and partners they work with.

The iconic DHIC 'D' icon is comprised of four quadrants, each representing a core pillar of DHIC: Equity, Community, Opportunity, and Empowerment. And the all lowercase 'DHIC' wordmark captures the friendliness, care and professionalism that is foundational to DHIC. From our first meeting with the DHIC brand, we had no questions that the brand needed to be vibrant, energetic and approachable, and that is shown through the brand colors, layouts and use of photography.

In addition to the new brand identity, we were also tasked with creating a 50th Anniversary mark shown above. Pulling shapes from the logomark, a unique '50' was built to commemorate and celebrate 50 years of building community.

A breakdown of the DHIC logomarks four quadrants.
The DHIC 50th Anniversary logomark with the tagline of 50 years of building community
A photo of a young girl playing on a playground with the DHIC logo in the left corner
A bus stop digital advertisement for DHIC showing a new apartment complex
A mockup showing the front and back designs of a business card for DHIC.
A mockup of a construction fencing banner with DHIC branding and messaging
A letterhead mockup and envelope design for DHIC
A mockup of two stacked annual reports showing the cover with the headline Building Opportunity, Empowering Communities.
Four layout examples showing brand photography amongst the four different department logos
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