With so much to do and get right when running a business, it’s easy to forget how to connect with your audience. We can lean on reactionary means to get the word out. We hit panic mode because we see what our competitors are doing, and start wondering if we need to do the same, but faster and more intense! We focus more on talking and less on listening, adding pressure to you, your team, and your customers. If you’re not spending the majority of time paying super close attention to the real needs of your customer, your message will fall on deaf ears, leaving an unnecessary trail of dissatisfaction.

When we started to re-focus our mission at MRC over the past year, I realized that we were more interested in talking about all of the cool things we do, rather than first focusing on why it matters. The big epiphany came when I started thinking about it from my own perspective as a business owner. What are we going through? What problems are we having? What would help me?

Shifting perspectives from the mind of the seller to the mind of the buyer was everything. I began to remember the importance of being empathetic to the needs of my audience.

If you want to do the same, if you want to connect on a deeper level, put yourself in the customer’s shoes, rather than just focusing on telling folks how amazing your company is. When you do this, you gain a greater understanding of how you can use your skills as a service to others, bringing trust and loyalty for both you and your audience. We call this a win/win.