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Lousy Hunters Doughnuts

We Were Blown Away

“We wanted our brand to be something you can instantly associate with us but we found it wasn’t something we could do on our own. Working with MRC didn’t disappoint at all. In fact we were blown away.”

- Tonya Gammon and Josh Baldwin, Lousy Hunters Doughnuts

LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Hero Alt
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Primry Logo
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Stacked Logo and Photo
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Secondary Logo
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Lousy
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Secondary Marks
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Interior Wall Mockup
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - One Color Logos
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Early Logo Concepts
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Photo - 01
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Posters
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Patterns
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Lousy Slogans
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Eat a Doughnut
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Catch You Later
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Custom Tshirt
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Tote Bag
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Stickers
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Sticker
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Punch Card
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Donut Box
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Coloring Sheet
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Baker Apron
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Button Pins
LousyHuntersDoughnuts - Official Business Cards

Almost Overwhelming

“The attention to detail, creativity and thoughtfulness behind their designs was almost overwhelming. They listened to every thing we asked for and added their own touch to give us a brand we’re so proud to have.”

- Tonya Gammon and Josh Baldwin, Lousy Hunters Doughnuts

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