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Hugger Mugger

The secret’s out. A brewery of bold intentions is born.

Dave and Tim’s idea to playfully bring the enigmatic world of secret societies into their beer brand was music to our ears. Masons. Magic. Sleight of hand. Ancient rituals. Creatively, the sky was the limit. What more could we ask for?

Brand Identity, Brand Messaging, Graphic Design

Where MRC Came In

Hugger Mugger founders Dave McComas and Tim Emmert came to us with a vision of great beer wrapped in the mysterious and weird. After working extensively with their team and weeks of researching historical records under candlelight, we crafted a brand identity that is a playful tip-of-the-hat to secret societies, creating the standout brand they needed to position Hugger Mugger as a small-batch modern brewery. Since then, we’ve continued to work with Hugger Mugger as creative partners for the expansion of their brand ecosystem.

The secret's out

“MRC turned the concept for Hugger Mugger Brewing into an exciting, stand-out brand.”

- Tim Emmert and Dave McComas, Hugger Mugger owners

From the Tap

“Easy to work with, bright and talented. We are fortunate to be working with MRC.”

- Tim Emmert and Dave McComas, Hugger Mugger owners

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