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Brand Development

These days you’ve probably heard the word branding time and again in conversations, articles, podcasts and videos. 30 years ago, if it was ever brought up, it was pretty much solely happening in universities or large boardrooms filled with fat cats and plumes of cigar smoke. Not anymore. With digital technology contributing greatly to the blossoming of a new era of entrepreneurs, it’s become one of those big buzzwords that are now a part of today’s business Lexicon. Wait... what.

So, yeah – but, what is it?

To some, branding is simply the logo and colors of a company. But, in reality, it’s so much more. Branding is an entire storytelling eco-system that a brand development company builds to support the success of your business. It’s the messaging, the logo, the website, the digital marketing strategy, etc. It’s the personality you present to the world and conversely how your audience perceives it.

True, any smart business owner will know it’s good to have “some branding”, but the rockstars – the best of the best – understand that it’s an absolute essential part of their business model.

High levels of swagger coming through.


Why do I need branding?

If we could use one word to describe why branding is important, here it is: clarity.

Good branding brings clarity to your mission, your values and your promise. It brings clarity to your employees and your audience. When you are clear with what you are sharing about your business, your voice gets heard even amongst the most cluttered markets, making it easier for your customer to make a decision. In other words, good branding is good business.

And while it’s great to develop a strong brand eco-system upfront, it’s important to not let things fall apart in the long-term. Businesses must avoid resting on their laurels once they’ve launched their new brand to the world. Remember, as a brand grows, so do the expectations and requirements of it.

Building a brand is no easy task. And it’s nearly impossible when looking at it through a foggy internal viewpoint. Partnering with a brand development team not only frees up your business to do what you’re best at, but it also gives you a team of creative experts to help you realize your fullest potential. By weaving your core brand elements into a long-term strategy, you can rest easy knowing your brand will stay consistent and relevant for years to come.


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